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. they're unbearable. "countdown" is next. >> now on "countdown," mississippi, gingrich, 33% romney 31 31% santorum, 27. >> mathematically this thing about over but emotionally it's not. >> the math is not the issue. the issue is vision. governor romney, who has outspent me 10 to 1 is still not able to close the deal. >> by learn to go say y'all and i light grits, and strange things are happening to me. >> romney is probably the weakest american frontrunner since leonard wood in 1920. >> romney does make a good point about what gingrich just said. >> if i'm a weak frontrunner what does that make gingrich because i'm far ahead of him. >> and 65% of those polled disapprove of the way the president is handling gasoline prices. the republicans try to drill home the connection. >> i can't fill up my truck any more because of gas prices. >> i would sign the keystone pipeline immediately. >> let me let fox remind you again. >> it really is not in the president's hand. >> the next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices understand that it's bs. it's difficult because t
romney with 31% and similar survey taken last year had santorum seven points ahead. rasmussen has santorum 42% and romney at 24%. clearly romney has the big mo. for an unique perspective of the ohio g.o.p. primary and the issues most relevant to ohioans let's go to dayton and it's mayor, welcome into the "the war room." we're glad to have you. >> thank you. >> are dayton voters emblematic of what ohio voters are thinking? >> well, the reality is i'm actually an independent. i consider myself to be representative of about 80% of the people. and most people that i've talked to are sick of the circus that the politician versus created for themselves. >> so as far as the lay of the land on the ground in ohio, obviously the independents are going to be key, are they going to be able to vote in the republican primary? >> they have to declare--as i said, i'm actually an independent. if i wish to vote in the republican primary, then i have to declare and then i get labeled with a big fat "r" next to my name. the fact is independents can't vote in the primary. and if it people want to send
candidacy doesn't hinge on whether it goes up or down. >> as the primary vote comes in, romney agrees with santorum on the freedom thing. >> i'm wondering where you suggest that the millions of women who receive their health services such as mammograms, the h.p.v. vaccines go? >> they can go wherever they'd like to go. this is a free society. >> here is the dumbest idea from newt gingrich. we ought to debate on pay per view and charge $10 and it should go to a charity of choice. >> yeah, maybe lincoln will coffer the primary in his land. and the republicans hell bent to phase out medicare and fed cade in their new budget for mini america. >> the penalty's budget is putting us on a path of a debt crisis, of decline, and these are the deficits that are in store for america if we stay with the status quo. >> including the debt limits deal the republicans agreed to last year on which they are now reneging. >> people have limits on credit cards. that doesn't mean that you're required to spend up to the limit. >> the killing of treyvon martin by a was want to be cop. >> are you following hi
knocking out romney and the establishment wants romney. there's every to believe newt gingrich will stay in >> welcome to the war room. i'm jennifer granholm. the republican primary race takes a turn in the deep south. we are going to bring you the latest from alabama and mississippi and analyze how tonight's results might reshape the gop race. >> on the national political scene with former san francisco the most dapper dresser in all of politics, willie brown. >> mitt romney drops a bombshell, saying he plans to get rid of planned parenthood if he gets elected. come on inside. >> it's election night here in the war room. we're going straight to the big board to get the latest results from mississippi and alabama. not a whole lot in yet, only 2%. mississippi, newt gingrich trailing with just 2%, santorum and romney, romney looking pretty good with 34%. we head over, oops, excuse me, we're heading over to alabama, we've got just a couple little counties in as you can see. there only 1% in, romney with 36%, santorum 30% and newt gingrich 25%. cnn exit polls might give you a bette
political power player and the most dapper dresser in all of politics, willie brown. >> mitt romney drops a bombshell, saying he plans to get rid of planned parenthood if he gets elected. come on inside. >> it's election night here in the war room. we're going straight to the big board to get the latest results from mississippi and alabama. not a whole lot in yet, only 2%. mississippi, newt gingrich trailing with just 2%, santorum and romney, romney looking pretty good with 34%. we head over, oops, excuse me, we're heading over to alabama, we've got just a couple little counties in as you can see. there only 1% in, romney with 36%, santorum 30% and newt gingrich 25%. cnn exit polls might give you a better view of what height happen tonight. in mississippi, the expectation among overall is that romney would win based upon cnn exit poll little at 33%, second would be santorum and third would be gingrich in alabama overall, santorum would win the exit poll, according to the exit polls, romney second, and gingrich third. so, now for the view on the ground, is michael shure, the political corr
the challenge is romney because if he does not gain this by sheer numbers he will not be the nominee. >> but he's willing to hit people with his wallet. >> i made a lot of money. i've been very successful. i'm not going to apologize for that. >> seamus, the late romney dog come on down. you're finally in an official campaign issue. this is the chief strategist for rick santorum. >> i'm not going to listen to the value judgment of a guy straps his own dog on the roof of his car and went hurling down the highway. >> speaking of hurling. >> planned parenthood. we'll get rid of. >> the army pulls its tieing and 53% of the country thinks he should be fired. if he could only under what is happening to him. >> how could i be ain't? i judged the miss america budget. >> and mr. don't interfere with law enforcement congressman peter king under investigation for secretly recording arrests and posting them to youtube. >> they're ready to fall and the other guys we've seen on television and manhunt-- >> whoops, congressman, do you need help picking up names you just dropped. and from op-ed hero to as far as
television show does that. we're keeping it real. all what mitt romney said on the campaign trail in missouri. take a license. >> is the program so critical it's worth borrowing money to pay borrow money from china? of course you get rid of obama care. >> that's theedes one. others, planned parenthood going to get rid of that the subsidy forearmtrack for amtrack. >> he was asked a question about what he would cut essentially and how he would deal with the deficit. and, of course he said get rid of obama care, get rid of planned parenthood. we will get rid of that is what he said. the federal government can't get rid of it because it does get some funding because it serves poor women. to me, though, this this is subblim natural, anothernal, another way of saying to his base that he is going to go after planned pairent pairenthood. planned parenthood 97% of the services that planned parenthood provides are services to poor women or services for cancer screening or services for breast cancer screening. there is a whole list of things that they provide for women that d
president. on the theory that an one-point victory looks the same as a 20-point victory, mitt romney crows about ohio and. our story on "countdown." the candidates all with something to crow about on the morning after. >> i must admit after last night i feel pretty darn good. >> i feel very good about last night. >> we were thrilled last night in georgia to have a great victory. >> not winning his home state would have been a major disaster disaster. romney without that problem winning michigan over a week ago. winning ohio virginia, massachusetts and gingrich scoring in georgia everything else no good. as for ron paul, everything no good. the texas congressman losing every super tuesday state including the caucuses including in a statement while other candidates are focused solely on the beauty contests to get the headlines i'm confident i can lead to the nomination. he may be the only one confident leading that way. romney edging santorum by a point in ohio. one point. gingrich and paul just watching. romney winning in alaska, santorum a close second again with paul and gingrich trailin
of ohio has mitt romney at 37 and santorum at 36. it is neck and neck. of course, newt gingrich and ron paul bringing up the rear with 15 and 11% respectively. georgia, ppp again, but gingrich has a huge hometown advantage leading the pack. as you can see 47 of the 24%. however, there are some conflicting poll numbers that if you stick around, you will be able to see some of that. santorum and paul of course both third and fourth. this is what the delegate count looks like. a candidate needs 1,144 delegates to win and that's exactly what this shows right here, but you can see look at romney has 203. tomorrow, as you see, there is over 400. this is not going to be done. according to the associated press, mitt romney has that exact number 203 but all of these contests tomorrow all of them are proportional and that means that none are winner-take-all. so that means no one is going to come away with a clear -- as the clear winner in delegates. no one is going to have a tipping point number. we may see a surprise in momentum if santorum wins ohio if ro
and it was said by former massachusetts governor mitt romney. the videotape now on "countdown." >> now on "countdown" and now they're calling each other liberals, and socialists. >> rick santorum is not a person who's an economic conservative to my right. >> this is the imaginary world of mitt romney's idealogy. sad. >> mitt romney's solution to a health care problem is to take over 1-6th of the economy. you can't call yourself conservative. >> almost doubled the sport of romney, but if only one will drop out. >> i will not leave the field. >> if we go all the way to convention, we would signal our doom in terms of replacing president obama. >> now some are running against religion romney's religion. the governor of alabama. >> i think that's a very subtle issue that may be a problem in many states, not just in alabama. >> on the other hand, we've restored the vote, volar i.d. law in wisconsin gone. voter i.d. law in texas gone. limbaugh bailing water, his bosses suspend all national advertising on his show for two weeks. fortunately, he's using that time to try to make it up to women.
as my win in puerto rico last night. >> romney wins big in puerto rico and heads to illinois. it's time for gingrich and santorum to step aside. >> we have believe the the convention will nominate a conservative. >> we all know who he means. what a fraud. the jobs act heads to the senate but don't be fooled by the catchy acronym. it's just another ploy to deregulate wall street again because it worked out so well the first time. >> the latest front on the war in women. a bill that could force women who under go an abortion. >>> new york city councilmember congressman rodriguez on occupy and nypd's brutal response. >> good evening this, is monday march 19th. 233 days until the 2012 presidential election. i'm eliot spitzer sitting in for keith olbermann. mitt romney winning in puerto rico and looking for more in illinois' primary. our fifth story in the "countdown." mitt romney pulling ahead in the g.o.p. presidential race hoping for more delegates and campaigning in springfield illinois. this is what he said. >> i need only one thing from you, no, two. number one i need some of these pan
you. >> that's "countdown." congratulations on getting through another day of this crap romney took illinois. good night and good luck. i'm jennifer grandholm this is the "war room." elections, budgets, i love it! illinois voters have spoken, and mitt romney is their choice. we will analyze the results. we'll also preview the next phase of the gop dog fight, and then on to the budget. i know a lot of you may think it's boring, but truly the budget is where it's at. paul ryan defines the republican agenda with this budget bomb shell today. the rich are going to get richer, health care and snowstorm programs will get gutted, except for one thing. it ain't going to happen. and we'll tell you why. this is the "war room." come on inside. ♪ >> so the polls predicted a mitt romney win, and they were right. we're looking at our map of what is going on. 28% in but everybody has called it for mitt romney. not really a surprise at all. in chicago if you take a look just at cook county -- cook county has 43% of the population, which is almost half of the state. if you combine cook
! ♪ >>> so if you believe the latest polls mitt romney is going to easily win tomorrow's illinois gop primary. look at this. rasmussen, rommy at 41 santorum at 32. there's a lot of polls out. public policy polling. 15-point spread. romney 45 santorum 30. and arg has cut romney at 44 santorum at 30. gingrich and paul just really trailing. here is what it looks like in illinois. first of all the facts are that the unemployment rate is much higher than the national average, a full point. 54 delegates are up for grabs. santorum goofed up again in terms of getting on congressional districts. he did not get on four constructional districts. mccain won the 2008 gop primary against romney. in fact romney dropped out of the race just two days later. now they are outspent santorum seven to one. so let's fine out what is going on with the candidate's ground game in illinois. for that we're going to go to chicago, my favorite core upon independent, david shuster is with us. give us our famous lay of the land in chicago. >> great to be with you as always. mitt romney started thi
contests. front runners mitt romney and rick santorum were making last minute pitches to voters. instead of listening to them we are going to go right here to talk about this georgia primary. as we can see, gingrich is up significantly over romney. not going to be a whole lot of surprise if in fact that turns out to be the case. in ohio we have got romney up just one point over santorum according to public policy polling. we have a delegate count, 203 to 92 to 33 to 25. but all of these delegates tomorrow are proportionately given. after tomorrow it's not like people are going to go away. it is, in fact, was going to continue on. and we are joined right here by chris lahane and susan kennedy. chris and susan are these two fantastic -- notice they have blue cups tonight. they are democratic operatives although susan is an independent, i would say. need a purple cup. you started out as a democrat. >> the show. >> susan was the chief of staff for former governor arnold schwarzenegger. chris lahane has worked on a gajillion campaigns, top to bottom.
election versus been held in 34 states and now it's time for republicans to unite behind governor romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. who needs knights at broker conventions? boredom resonates with jeb bush. and you said it, mr. excitement. >> you could throw a bigger crowd in a greenbay packer rallyal in d dntntnn chihigogo > e > ayn e rtmain c ce, what woror is h h mumbling as his call to 911 breaks up. punchespunks or, quote coons. >> the victim's parents speak. >> i just hurt in my heart because this guy has not been arrested. >> and glenn beck's website insists the dead teenager was quote, the aggressor." and might have been suspended from school for armed robbery arson, kidnapping or sexual battery. even though it was really being late to class. >>> the war on women. the arizona legislator who says a woman should witness an abortion before having one. and tim tebow is dealt to the new york jets. tim tebow is not dealt to the new york jets. oh man he can't even complete a trade. and the hits keep coming. >> i have some great
, this is wednesday february 29, 252 until the 2012 presidential election. romney beat santorum in the arizona primary while he tie loses counts but ties delegates in michigan. in the classroom, if you get 15, and the other guy gets 125 you're even. ifin politics,. >> it was a big night for me last night for me. i was very pleased. arizona and michigan right next door. >> right next door in super state ohio where he was this morning, where he's behind and he repeated the mantra that he won last night. >> we didn't win but a lot but we win by enough. that's all that counts. romney dominating in arizona beating santorum as expected by 20 points. santorum thanking his michigan supporters last night. >> the people of michigan looked into the hearts of the candidates and all i have to say is i love you back. [applause] >> santorum then claiming the split today. >> we actually won half of the congressional districts, so we are going to walk out of michigan with 15 dell gets and he's going to walk out with 15 delegates. >> projecting when the votes are tallied, santorum will be right. the g.o.p. primary le
of the dead. it's an unbelievable story. don't miss that. also, mitt romney won last night but he's still in big trouble. >> that's just not going to happen. >> but if it did could you support that, if it did? >> they're still talking about contested conventions, you know why? romney might be in huge trouble on super tuesday. we'll show you why in a second. fox news goes after hollywood but guess what hollywood fights back. >> is he doing a good job. >> yes he is. he's the president of the united states. >> way to correct on that, clooney. we're also going to tell you why fox news should be criminally investigated. that's a very important story as well. that's all on tonight's program. and guess what, it's go time. ♪ >> all right last night we had michigan and arizona. what happened? well, mitt romney, he pulled it out. but if you were watching rick santorum you might not have been able to tell. listen to rick santorum's speech were last night. >> we're much better tonight in michigan than maybe was first reported. we had--you know what, this was a really great race to go into in a sens
proportionately, he is far behind mitt romney. going forward is getting more challenging. romney's got 495 delegates picking up last night actually more delegates than rick santorum. rick santorum has 252 delegates now gingrich only 131. santorum won 36 delegates last night and of course poor ron paul dragging at 48 delegates. what's coming up? illinois' primary is one week from yesterday on march 20. now, eye put in here what i thought was going to happen in illinois. i think it may be close because romney is spending a boat load of money 69 delegates up for grabs. look at the cool going forward. louisiana, i give that so santorum because of it being a southern state. that's 46 delegates. things start looking a little tougher for him. washington, d.c. april 3, 19 delegates to romney. maryland 37, give that to romney. wisconsin, by just a hair, i might give that to santorum. that could flip in either direction. connecticut, romney, delaware, romney, new york, romney, now pennsylvania, of course, we got to give to santorum, because that's his home state. rhode island, romney. i hate to brea
are the exact opposite. count down is next! seamus lives and the santorum inn votes the late romney dog. >> i will be honest being saying what the heck was he thinking putting the dog on the too much the roof. >> two words, michael vick. the planned parenthood sound bite lives as well. >> planned parenthood going to get rid of that. another walk back, planned painedmarijuana hood is a private organization, i want to agreed writ of their funding. >> pride en on the bail out. >> the president and i made a bet. a simple bet, we bet on you. >> carney on the rumors of a release from the strategic petroleum reserve. >> that report is false. >> the plus the oil future's market we action to that report tells you all you need to know. unless you are mit romney. >> gas prices are ridiculous. up more than 30% in the past month and every day americans are paying a price for this, do you hold press obama responsible? >> absolutely. >> bill, with can you give the governor your reminder again. >> the next time he hear a poll singe sa
of the nation's most respected political insiders. mitt romney is acting like he's got the race locked up. in fact, i think this about sums it up, meh romney. this is the war room. come on inside. >> we are tracking a gop presidential nominees, mitt romney, not surprising, was after yesterday is trending up despite a meh performance in yesterday super tuesday contest. he won six states, including the all-important ohio, although he didn't deliver a knockout punch. that didn't stop his campaign circulating a memo encouraging the other candidates to step aside. the next state coming up is kansas. its caucus is on saturday. there are 40 delegates at stake. it is a caucus. today, newt gingrich canceled plans to campaign in kansas so that he can focus on the southern states. hmm. the only area he has done well is those southern states. rick santorum is planning a big ad buy in kansas alabama and mississippi. alabama's as we dig down into their primary is on tuesday so a week from yesterday, 50 delegates at state. it's a proportion another race, all these states are. romney is leading santorum
their marketing plan. that cannot come soon enough. as for mitt romney late today he took this strong unequivocal stance saying, well, it's not the language i would have used. the guy who wants to be leader of the free world can't even stand up to rush llimbaugh. that is weak. and now for more on rush and the implications of the war on women, and other things, i'm joined by profession robert like the inside "the war room." >> i'm so impressed. >> we're glad to share tgif disposable recyclable-- >> i was expecting more. >> oh come on, this is "the war room." let's talk about rush for a moment. >> do we have to? >> just for a moment because i would like your perspective on a couple of things. one, you heard the discussion he was engaged in today just in that little clip about welfare. he was saying this was a new welfare program, and obviously you've done an awful lot in respect to inequality and supports that we don't have income disparity at the bottom. the interesting thing he calls providing contraceptives, it's from private employers sod hardly welfare, but he calls that welfare, and there is
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 216 (some duplicates have been removed)